Big Things Are Happening

So the last actual post I made was my concern for needing to graduate and pass this semester, I didn’t really have time to post any sort of updates on what has been happening in my life. Well now that the semester is over, I can do just that.

  • I GRADUATED (officially)! - So I did it, I finally did it. I was fortunate enough to not have to take 4 classes and could drop the one I didn’t need after getting the correct information from my advisor. Two of the three left were make-ups from past failures and my German 202 class. I still had one grade forgiveness left so that definitely helped me with my GPA. I was at a 1.95 once my German grade came in (which doesn’t effect my major GPA – which was a C). I unfortunately had a crappy time the second time around in World Masterpieces, where I made a D…bringing my GPA in my major down to a 1.86. I was kinda freaking out at that time REALLY hoping that my last grade would bring it to a 2.0. I did a grade calculator and it showed that I needed an A in that class to get anywhere near that so I was freaking out. I ended up getting a B- in Romantic to Modern European Literature bringing my GPA up to a 2.06 — Hallelujah! I went today and bought some alumni apparel and some decals for my car. 
  • I’M ENGAGED! - Soooo, at my graduation dinner after we had ordered our food, Andy proposed to me. The wife of the owner brought out a little purple box on a silver plate and handed it to us and he got up to give a little speech about how much he has loved me and wanted to marry me, then he got down on one knee and asked. I obviously said yes and the ring is gorgeous! It’s definitely my style with the sapphires in it. 


So I’ve pretty much accomplished two VERY BIG milestones in my life in just one night. I unfortunately have to wait 4-6 weeks to get my fancy piece of paper. Now I just get to plan a wedding and pay my college loans.


The One Who Wants To Be With You

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

The one who wants to be with you accepts you for you: your mind, your heart and the parts of your body you may feel are imperfections, the ones you criticize when you look in the mirror. They think every single inch of you is worthy of adoration and will spend all day, every single day (if necessary) proving to you how beautiful and sacred your body is. They will kiss your body slowly, part by part, just to prove to you that each one deserves to be loved and caressed. This may take some time, but they’re willing to do that. They will show you that you don’t need you to be perfect or to be Bond Girl Christmas Jones — a scientist who is also secretly a supermodel when she removes her glasses and ponytail. You don’t need to be some focus-grouped, whitewashed, photoshopped idea of…

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My Last Semester

So I’ve been really anxious to the point that it stresses me out and makes me sick when I think about this last semester of college. Namely it’s the fact that I NEED to graduate this semester, I NEED to be done with college. With my grades not being the best ever, I was worried that somehow I won’t be able to graduate for some reason. I’m more determined than ever to graduate this semester and even make all A’s if possible (and I’m hoping I can, or at least something super close to an A). 

I really just want to move on with my life and not worry about the money that gets thrown into college and something that I realized later on that I should have gone elsewhere for schooling. I’ve also been playing around with the idea of getting a technical certificate or diploma in the arts at the Arts Institutes. Something I can add on to my English degree without people automatically thinking I’m going to be some bloody teacher. 

I want to be done with college so that when Andy finally gets the divorce finalized I can move with him wherever the Navy sends him without having to think about transferring or even staying behind. I think his parents also want to take us to Germany and I can’t do that unless I don’t have school to worry about. 

Bleh, school makes me feel so nauseous and panic-y. 

I can handle my last 4 classes, my part-time job, and everything that goes with my sorority for this last semester. I can…and I WILL.


So it’s been a hot minute since I last updated – so here’s the skinny:

  • I passed all my classes this past semester and should graduate this fall.
  • Because of that, my parents sent me some sweet gifts (Jim Shore “Alaska” figure, Batman earrings, Zumba Core for Kinect, and the dressform I’ve been lusting after)
  • Andy and I got another dog (much to my parents dismay) his name is Bandit and is practically Deshka’s twin.
  • Andy and I are in the process of making the house more “home-y” and the living room is super Star Wars nerdy now.
  • I just was hired at a new Chiropractic office in the area and now I’m making money again (outside of side projects)
  • Andy (well, moreso James) let it slip that I have a Stormtrooper ANH armor kit coming my way that I’ve been dying to save money for so I can join the 501st – guess I know how my free time this summer will go to.

So that’s the jist of things currently – I think I’ll probably join Weight Watchers at some point this summer as well as all my at-home Zumba so that I can start getting back into shape. I’m hoping for some good things to end this year (and possibly Andy’s full divorce too!) 


3 Weeks into Spring Semester

I’m in the beginning of the first 3 weeks of the semester and so far so good. I tried to get rid of all my social media outlets so that I could focus more on homework, but it seems that I couldn’t stay away – I am totally “plugged-in.” Seriously, it lasted for about a week and a half before I cracked. For the most part, I limit my use to the mornings and the nights once I get homework done. Though I’ve gotten really hooked on this app called Whisper – it’s where you publicly post secrets about yourself and people can comment on them. It seems like a lot of people are sexually frustrated, are bi-curious, want to be loved, want to be skinny, or are freaks. This gets me thinking as to what the media and the world is making young adults think and feel – it’s really disheartening. You do also come across people who think Whisper is Instagram or Twitter, but my favorite are the girls who post “I love Halo 4…and I’m a girl,” to which I respond to with “Special Snowflake Awards.” I just don’t think that you should have to post your gender if you like a certain video game.

Ok, I digress.

I’ve been really good about staying on top of my homework and getting it done before it’s due and I personally like that my Advanced Composition teacher makes us do in-class writings which turn out to be pre-writings for our papers. It really gets me away from procrastinating like crazy and it helps me put a lot more thought into my work. I may start doing this for my other papers in other classes.

It’s also nice that most of my readings are from novels and not having to lug around textbooks to read…though there are a lot of them.


On another note, I will be turning 23 in a week (February 4th) and it feels super weird. Turning 22 wasn’t anything big after turning 21, but I really feel like I’m getting older since I’ll be 23. Andy is taking me out to dinner Sunday night since the Norfolk Chophouse is not open on Mondays. He gave me all these fancy restaurant options, but we came down to trying a fancy restaurant that we haven’t been too – though Cafe Europa is really tempting. We’re going to get our fancy on that night, I really like getting dressed up for these dinners. My parents already gave me money for my birthday which is going to purchase my bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding in October (but we need to get them now since they might go out of style).  Andy already got me my present when he kinda messed up my phone when trying to fix it. I told him I really wanted an iPod Touch and was going to tell my parents about that being my birthday present but he ended up getting me an iPhone 5 to kill two birds with one stone. Seriously, trying to figure out what I wanted when my mother asked me was super hard – I have everything I need (cameras, 2 computers, video games and systems, phone, music player…) Andy was giving me a hard time about it because I was stuck on what to ask for and I was like “Why do you have to give me anything I want?” and he’s like “Exxxcuuuuussseeee me for being nice and taking care of you.” Haha – this is why I have to watch myself around him…though I think the next thing I would like to ask for (Christmas wise) is going on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe. I really need girlier clothes – part of me doesn’t alway want to wear jeans and t-shirts anymore, I’m past that phase.

I think I’ll start putting money away and get my butt over to Body Central and get some cute new tops.

Greatest News Ever!

I feel like I’ve been in college forever. Don’t get me wrong, I have met some great people while being here and even found the love of my life while being down here at Old Dominion, but sometimes I wish it wasn’t required to attend college to get a better job. I’m the kind of person who enjoys getting something back that is tangible after doing hard work, like money after working your job – rather than some letter on a transcript that really doesn’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things. Employers don’t look at your grades, they just want to know if you have a fancy piece of paper from an educational institution to show that somehow you’ve learned much more than everyone else. How silly is that? I’m an English major with a concentration in Literature, most people think I’m going to be a teacher after college – seriously, why do people automatically assume that with a degree like that you HAVE to work in education. English is probably the most versatile major you could want to have – the writing skills alone are what make someone a hot commodity.

I’ve read an email from a family member’s CEO and my God – if he’s looking for a proof-reader for his memos, hire me once I graduate. I couldn’t believe the grammar, sentences, and how completely off-topic and scattered memo I’ve ever read… or well, I listened to my aunt in vain try to read this poorly written memo trying to boost morale while telling his employees he was cutting into their pay. I think that’s what he was talking about.

I want to use my work experiences, organization experiences, and writing skills to work in a public relations job. If I could go back a couple of years before I decided to go from Psychology to English, I would have chosen Marketing instead (or go back to Communications). It’s too late to go back now and I have enough networking connections to help me get a job in some form of marketing. I’ve got the gift of gab and my job working for Budweiser has been the best experience I’ve had.

But I digress from what I came here to write about.

The news I received yesterday, during my advising appointment to get my hold off of my account to register for classes 4 hours after I should have, was something I have been wanting to hear for a LONG time. It turns out that after I took off my Studio Art Minor and opted for Option D (Two 300-400 level classes in another concentration – I took Communications), I only would have 6 more classes to take to Graduate. I practically had to ask my advisor to repeat what he told me. I had my technical science class, New Media Technologies, counted for both that and my second class for Option D. I will be taking 5 classes this Spring, walk in May, then take my last class over the Summer. I wouldn’t get my official degree until I took my last German course – you can’t take 201 and 202 at the same time apparently. I was jumping around in my seat in his office, much to his surprise, at the news that I had a REAL Graduation date. I was so excited that in my class right after my appointment I almost threw up – I didn’t though. I couldn’t wait to call my parents and tell them the news, my parent’s couldn’t have been happier to hear a real date be discussed. I’m going to be the first in my family to Graduate college and have a degree – it’s really exciting!

Though another thing to think about outside of Graduation and getting an “adult job” is that Andy keeps telling my parents that as soon as I graduate and have a degree, I’ll have a ring on my finger…guess that may happen a lot sooner than him or I was thinking. Haha~

epsiLION apparel

I am happy to announce that I started my Greek lettering business. It’s called epsiLION apparel, as you can see from my title. A little bit of a play on words to have it fit the Greek community but also the fact that it is currently for ODU students. My Facebook page is pretty much set up and I’d love to figure out how to let people pay via PayPal but I’m not sure how that works…maybe I’ll invest in one of those free card swipers so if people don’t want to pay with cash, they can pay with a card. I’m going to ask Andy how that works, since he has one for his photography business.

That is my logo that I’ll be using for my page and on my business cards that I’ll be making once I can find my printer cord. I can’t wait to open up orders once I finish up the current shirts I have for my sorority sisters. I also would LOVE to branch out to other organizations outside of ODU, but setting up an Etsy account is hard – I think I’ll ask my friend Tianna how she set hers up.

If you want to check out my page and maybe give it a “like” you can find it here.


Sigh of Relief

As per my last post, I was freaking out about commitment when I didn’t have all the facts about the past. We both talked about the whole thing and I understand now, but hopefully by January 20th all of this will be behind us both forever. I will say that I don’t think I will be so “panicky” next time we go to look at rings or things like that. I think I’ll actually be kinda excited more now with a slight hint of panic – but that is to be expected.

Moving along, I’ve been looking to put a name to my business of sewing Greek apparel for others and myself. Naming a business is kind of hard to be honest. I was going to go with the whole “Letters by Heather,” but I really don’t want my name on it. Someone then suggested “epsiLION apparel” and I’m pretty set on it because it mixes Greek, ODU, and clothing all in one. The logo will be pretty easy to come up with and I want to put up my Facebook page once I get it all made up for tags and whatnot. I’m pretty excited. :)

Deshka has learned tons of commands in a short amount of time and listens to them better than when we first got her. Sit, Lay Down, Speak, Shake, High-Five, Stay… I want to teach her how to play dead.

I think I’ll finish out my blog posts for class then make some Caramel Apple Doughnuts to keep using my amazing KitchenAid mixer Andy got me after he freaked me out with the whole ring ordeal.